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ESRD Celebrates 25 Years of Delivering Excellence in Numerical Simulation



Message from the President

ESRD was founded 25 years ago with the mission to create and market software tools for the advancement of the quality, reliability and timeliness of information that serves engineering decision-making processes.

ESRD is an independent company, its flagship product is StressCheck®. 
Thanks to our world class team of engineers and software developers, we were able to field a product that is not like any other finite element analysis software.  It challenges the aging legacy FEA tools and practices.

When asked: In what way is StressCheck different from other finite element analysis software products? I answer: Stress Check supports numerical simulation, other FEA products support finite element modeling.  This then leads to an interesting conversation about why finite element modeling is not numerical simulation, contrary to the advertising slogans of the vendors of conventional FEA products.  Readers interested in finding out more about this important subject are invited to visit www.esrd.com/Reliability.

I thank our customers for recognizing the value in what we provide and for appreciating the importance of getting it right all the time. I thank them for placing their confidence in us and their numerous endorsements.

I thank our employees for their dedication and hard work which made these 25 years possible. It is fitting tribute to them that The Boeing Company honored ESRD by the Boeing Gold Performance Excellence Award this year.

I look forward to continued success in the coming years as more and more thought leaders adopt what our customers already know: we make it possible to get the right answer with guaranteed reliability.

Barna Szabó

Let us know how you or your organization have benefited from the use of StressCheck. Please write an endorsement for us in our 25th Anniversary Guest Book.
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