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Our Mission

ESRD's primary mission is to create and market software tools for the advancement of the quality, reliability and timeliness of information that serves the engineering decision-making process.

Motivated by economic incentives, CAE users want to reduce physical testing and increase reliance on numerical simulation.

  • Technical requirement: Predictions based on numerical simulation must be consistently reliable.
  • The conceptual and technological prerequisites are now sufficiently mature for industrial applications. The terms verification and validation are used in formulating the new requirements:
    • Verification refers to a process by which it is ascertained that the errors of approximation are within acceptable limits.
    • Validation refers a process by which it is ascertained that the mathematical model is a reasonable representation of the physical reality it is supposed to represent.

ESRD’s software product StressCheck was designed to support V&V tasks.  It is the only FEA software in existence to fulfill the requirements of Simulation Governance (SimGov).  

Watch Dr. Barna Szabo explain the importance of SimGov:

Why is SimGov Important?
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