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StressCheck v10.2: The Gold Standard for Detailed FEA

On June 27, 2016 ESRD was pleased to release StressCheck v10.2 Update 1 64-bit Professional, certified for Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Here is a list of features and enhancements since the release of StressCheck v10.1 in June 2014:

StressCheck v10.2 Update 1 (June 2016)

  • Point number labeling for Point extractions.
  • Extraction point numbers can now be visualized for Point tab extractions.
  • General performance enhancements.
  • Error and Warning handling.
  • Project log handling.
  • General GUI improvements.

  • 2D fracture mechanics extraction for points.
  • Points have been added to the options to select a crack tip for SIF/J-Integrals.

  • Translate points utility migrated to StressCheck.
  • Point loads and point constraints can be directly imported into a StressCheck model.
  • Faster project file (SCP) loading.
  • More rapid opening of projects.
  • Improved COM programming help.
  • StressCheck COM API help file improved and updated for available COM functions.
  • Min/Max extraction marker and label.
  • A marker and label can be created at the location of the max/min value, by turning on the Locate Maximum button.
StressCheck v10.2 (December 2015)

  • Multiple fastener resultant enhancements.
  • Individual fastener resultants now graphed.
  • General performance enhancements.
  • Pre-solve and contact checks faster.
  • GUI refreshing more efficient.
  • Intrinsic function usage faster.
  • Improved logging functionality.
  • Project log keeps track of all user activities.
  • Improved documentation.
  • MasterGuide was revamped to reflect current release of software.
  • Geometry disassocation feature.
  • Convert points, systems and lines from geometry-associated to global.
  • Usage of 3-Pt Plane methods much more productive.
StressCheck v10.1 Update 2 (June 2015)

  • General performance enhancements.
  • TLAP visualization.
  • Load checks.
  • SCP footprint size.
  • Improved blanking/unblanking.
  • MeshSim automesher upgrades.
  • New batch solver utility.
  • Registration-free server installation now available.
  • Improved TLAP functionality.
  • Automatic creation of coordinate systems.
  • Load case summation enhancements.
StressCheck v10.1 Update 1 (November 2014)

  • General performance enhancements.
  • Multi importation of TLAP data.
  • Session and Error logs.
  • Loads and constraints visualizations.
  • Contact gap measurement.
  • Plot animation feature.
  • 3D Mouse (3DConnexion) now available.
  • Improved load visualization.
  • Change colors of surfaces based on the number of loads assigned.
  • Surface Loads Browser to query surfaces with assigned loads and select assignments from lists.
StressCheck v10.1 (June 2014)

A new module for residual stresses

  • Reliably predict distortion due to machining or surface treatments.
  • Simulate redistribution of residual stress and distortion as material is removed.

New functionality for the fracture mechanics module

  • Faster fracture extractions.
  • Determine the influence of residual stresses on SIFs and the J-integral.

New features for the laminate composites module

  • Assign laminate stacks to geometric surfaces.
  • Allows for much more flexible mesh designs.

A new and improved file management system

  • Simplification: Only one file type is necessary.
  • 100% intuitive: All new and easy to use.

And much more...


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Note: StressCheck v10.2 and v9.2 are designed to run concurrently on the same operating system, so uninstallation of v9.2 is not required.

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