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StressCheck Installation & Licensing Support

Installation and licensing of StressCheck and other ESRD products is straightforward.  It is recommended that users thoroughly read the below tips before installing ESRD products, or setting up a floating license server. 

Tip#1: Installing StressCheck or other ESRD Products on a Local Machine

Key Notes:

  1. You must have Administrator Privileges in order to properly install StressCheck or other ESRD products.
  2. Download the latest StressCheck (or desired ESRD product) .msi file from the ESRD Software Download center.
    1. Note: you must be a registered and product update approved user to download.
    2. If you do not yet have download privileges, follow the instructions on the download form and ESRD will review your request.
  3. Double-click the .msi to start the installation process.
  4. Follow the instructions to install the ESRD product.  Typically a reboot is not required.
  5. If you have a license file, or a license server is available, jump to tip #4.

Tip #2: Obtaining Machine HOST ID for FLEXnet Licensing

There are two methods for StressCheck FLEXnet licensing.  The first method is the machine HOST ID (Ethernet MAC address), the second method is the Disk ID (Disk Volume Serial Number).  For floating licenses, ESRD requires the HOST ID.

If StressCheck Professional or the StressCheck FLEXnet license manager is already installed, the best way to find machine ID information for StressCheck licensing is to run LMTools (lmtools.exe):

  1. Start LMTools.
  2. Go to the "System Settings" tab and click "Save HOSTID Info to a File".  Save the file to your desktop.
  3. E-mail this file to support@esrd.com with a subject "Requesting StressCheck License File".

If StressCheck Professional or the StressCheck FLEXnet license manager is NOT already installed, then the following techniques are recommended:

For servers (floating licensing):

  1. Open up a command prompt (cmd.exe).
  2. Type "ipconfig /all" and hit Enter.
  3. Locate the "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:" line, and then the "Physical Address" subline.
  4. Send the 12-digit alphanumeric string to support@esrd.com with the subject "Requesting StressCheck License File for License Server".

For node-locked (client machine) licensing, steps 1-4 above are acceptable.  In addition, the following is also acceptable if the HOST ID is unknown:

  1. Open up a command prompt (cmd.exe).
  2. Type "vol" and hit Enter.
  3. Send the 8-digit alphanumeric Disk Volume Serial Number to support@esrd.com the subject "Requesting StressCheck License File for Client Machine".

Tip #3: Administering a License Server for Floating Licenses

StressCheck uses the FLEXnet license manager from Flexera.  If you have not installed this product, you may download it from the ESRD Software Download center as a FLEXnet 11 zip package.  Follow the instructions to install FLEXnet v11.5 on your server.

If you are already using FLEXnet to manage licenses for other applications, you may simply append the license keys provided by ESRD, into your standard FLEXnet license file (usually license.dat) and re-read in LMTools. Alternatively, you may maintain separate license files for each application. For additional details concerning license serving options, consult the FLEXnet documentation found here or visit our Software FAQs page.

Tip #4: Specifying License File or License Server

If running StressCheck or another ESRD product for the first time (or after having removed all StressCheck licensing references), you will be prompted with the 'Specify StressCheck License Path' dialogue.

Server (Floating):

If you are using a Server (Floating) license, and do not have a license file pointing to the server, then you must check the 'Specify the StressCheck license server name and port' checkbox and enter the computer name as follows:


Where 'PORT' is the port used for communication (default is 29731), and 'SERVERNAME' is the name of the license server set up by your system administrator to serve licenses for StressCheck.  Then, click OK.  StressCheck should start once the dialogue steps are complete.


If you are using a Node-Locked license, then do not check the checkbox and simply click OK.  In the ensuing FLEXnet dialogue, you must select 'Specify the License File' and follow the instructions to specify the node-locked license file.  StressCheck should start once the dialogue steps are complete.

Are You Having Trouble Installing StressCheck or another ESRD Product?

If you are unable to run StressCheck, or another ESRD product, successfully after installing a new license file, visit our Software FAQs page and review the FAQ's. If you need assistance please contact Software Support at support@esrd.com:

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