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Technology Resource Library
Welcome to the ESRD Resource Library.  The followIng is a list of resources  that  can provide clarification on various technical issues related to the StressCheck products and services. Many of these materials will include the theoretical background as well as applications behind the StressCheck software.

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Technical Presentations

Below is a list of technical presentations related to StressCheck's features and modules.

StressCheck General:
StressCheck Scripting:
StressCheck Composites: StressCheck Fastened Connections and Multi-Body Contact: StressCheck Fracture Mechanics: StressCheck Global-Local:
ESRD Technology White Papers
Research related to ESRD's technology and implementation of the p-version finite element method (FEM) has been ongoing since the early 1970's.  p-FEM technology has been shown to be robust and superior to the conventional h-version for important classes of problems including thin domains and nonlinear applications.  Listed below are some important references on the p-FEM, both the theoretical background as well as application of the technology. Click here for a complete list of references used by ESRD.

Technical Briefs

Below is a list of technical briefs related to StressCheck's implementation of engineering capabilities.

Incremental Plasticity

Multi-body Contact Analysis

Crack Path Analysis

Analysis of Composites

Global-Local Analysis

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