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Non Linear Training

Prerequisite:  Basic Training in elasticity and a proficiency building models, solving (linear analysis) and post-processing.

This advanced 1-day course is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the StressCheck GUI and capabilities for performing nonlinear analyses for classes of problems that simulate large strain behavior and/or material plasticity.
  • How to perform a material nonlinear analysis for a single overload event using the deformation theory of plasticity
  • How to perform a geometric nonlinear analysis
    • For cases where there is a strong coupling between membrane and bending (Newton-Raphson)
  • How to perform a load step (Margin Check) analysis
  • How to set up and perform a multi-body contact analysis in which one or more parts undergoes plastic deformation
  • How to set up and solve a material nonlinear problem with multiple load-unload events using the incremental theory of plasticity
This course has a 40 minute lecture on Nonlinear Analysis.  The remainder of the time is hands-on, building and solving problems covering a wide range of practical applications.

These workshops can be customized or built around a specific problem of interest to you. Additional charges may apply.  For more information about training costs, please visit the links below.

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